Personal Statement and Philosophy


I understand that my position as a healing professional is a privileged one.  It gives me the opportunity to improve the quality of life for my patients and contribute to their well-being. I pay close attention to what my patients tell me about their physical health and other circumstances that may be a factor in their condition.  I create a personalized plan of care based on my understanding of my patients’ health, and will provide them with treatment for the root cause of their problems, relief of their symptoms, and ongoing good health.

I have treated thousands of patients since I graduated in 1986 from Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.  Before I came to the US, I practiced in Jilin Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have provided acupuncture treatments in Madison and the surrounding areas since 2000.

More than 25 years of practice gives me a broad base of experience, but does not change the reality that no two people are the same. I keep every patient’s unique experience in mind at the initial interview and throughout the treatment period. My success as a health care provider is dependent not only on my technical skills, but on my understanding of patients and earning their trust and confidence.